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If you really have a passion for shopping then Macau is the city you would love. It is a place where you can shop for almost all sorts of merchandise and quench your shopping thirst. A regular traveler will clearly mark that compared to other cities of the region, most luxury items are cheaper in Macau.

As the main business in Macau is to manufacture for the export market, you find abundance of goods available for sale at bargain price. Moreover, the free port status of Macau has really made it economic to shop here. The foremost items of shopping include brand label clothes, silk clothing, jewelry (particularly gold), Chinese antiques, porcelain and a host of electric gadgetry. Many people are seen making purchase of wine, mobile phones, cameras, watches and cashmere sweaters as they all are available at very reasonable prices.

Areas to purchase at

Since Macau is not big in area, most shopping destinations stay close to the tourist places. Av. Almeida Ribeiro (New Road), Av. Infante D. Henrique, Rua Pedro Nolasco da Silva and Av. de Horta e Costa are the areas where the main shopping centers of Macau are located.

Senado Square Area

Located towards the northern side of Av. Almeida Ribeiro (New Road) in central downtown, Senado Square is the main bustling area in Macau. In this area you find a good number of shops (fashionable clothes are the best buys here) and food stalls lining the streets.

Closely located is the Rua S. Domingos known for brand-label clothes, shoes and cosmetic stores and cosmetic shops. Visit Rua Pedro Nolasco da Silva for the most fashionable clothes, bags and sportswear. For exclusive glassware shops, go to Rua da Palha. An artwork shop in this street is known for selling all manner of delicate porcelain water lily (the municipal flower of Macau) ornaments.

Previously a red light area, the two rows consisting Chinese buildings on the other side of the New Road are now occupied by pastry shops and souvenir shops. There are some snack stalls and pastry shops known for selling local specialties.

Red Market & Av. de Horta e Costa

Named for the range of red buildings, Red Market is a pedestrian shopping street with all sorts of stalls including fruits, vegetables, flowers and clothes. Neighboring Av. de Horta e Costa is just another shopping area of Macau where you get a huge variety in clothes, camera, jewelry, shoes and electronic gadgetry.

Rua de S.Paulo Area

Visit Rua de S.Paulo area for authentic antique porcelain, ancient coins and rosewood reproductions of traditional Chinese furniture. Like other tourist places, do not forget to bargain to get the best price.

New Yaohan & Macau Landmark

New Yaohan in Macau Ferry Terminal is famous for the range of electronic appliances and cameras varieties from Japanese. Macau Landmark is a landmark tourist attraction that now offers several fashion shops, dining center and top-rank entertaining facilities for tourists.


Pawnshops are ubiquitous in Macau, especially near area around the Lisboa Casino. Good deals can be made on watches, jewelries, and other precious items. However, always be sure that you can recognize the difference between the genuine article and a fake before parting with your money!

Travel to Macau for shopping

Macau has really another paradise for shoppers. So come along and travel to Macau to have fun with free duty shopping in Macau. Also check with the range of Macau hotels and book one for a comfortable stay. Reading some Macau hotel reviews will be of course a good help to find a good accommodation in this exotic city.

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